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Renault Twizy
  From a motorist’s standpoint, the urban landscape is getting pretty depressing. Traffic has become a swear word, pollution, whether of noise or air, is a slow poison that singes the nerves, and park...

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Renault Pulse
  Renault’s entry into India has been challenging to say the least. Its first offering, the Logan, was a rebadged version of Romanian brand Dacia’s low-cost saloon. It struggled here, and caused...

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Renault Koleos
  The face-lifted Renault Koleos made its world debut in India on September 8th, pipping the official launch in China by a few days. To be first in the world may not be of much significance to Indian custom...

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Renault Fluence E4 D
  As good as the Renault Fluence diesel was, it had two major flaws. The first was the equipment list - the diesel version was sparsely equipped compared to the petrol model and that put off many prospectiv...

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Renault Duster
  Renault’s Indian innings so far have been nothing to write home about. What the company needs at this point is a game-changer, a model that makes people sit up and take notice of Renault and why it ...

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2011 Renault Fluence
  The Fluence is bigger in every dimension than its rivals and clearly looks a notch above. The 16-inch alloys with fat 205 section tyres nicely fill up the wheel arches to give the Fluence a strong stance ...

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